Gang Violence Is By Design: Exposing the Lie,


About the Book

There is a myriad of ideological beliefs and copious opinions presented today on the topic of gangs. Many questions have arisen on its origin, and some have even queried whether it is by design. In this book, Gang Violence Is By Design: Exposing the Lie, Pastor Leroy Bean endeavors to explain a postulation that has gone unaddressed for years.

This book presents a panoramic perspective and awareness that will help countries recognize and address the root cause that has been camouflaged within our society for centuries. Pastor Bean is not trying to minimize one’s personal or collective responsibilities regarding the choices they make, but rather expose the systematic entrapment that has been used as a catalyst and a haven whereby many behaviors derive.

Pastor Bean hopes many will identify and understand the systemic cause that has been responsible for dividing and crippling the progression in many countries. His view is that people affected need to wake up and step out of their comfort zones and into their God-given design, which is needed to create the foundation essential for tackling this social epidemic called Gang Violence.

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