Bruised, Broken, and Blessed


About the Book

Bruised, Broken, and Blessed: Life Changing Stories That Will Ignite Hope, Elevate Personal Growth, and Confirm Your Greatness is a collection of short stories from storytellers, entrepreneurs, and life coaches bonding together to transport individuals from a place of brokenness to blessed.
This book contains stories written by a dynamic and diverse group of women, men, survivors, veterans, and actors. These stories represent the journey of women and men who have experienced life’s failures, disappointments, and losses, but had the resiliency to continue pressing forward towards their breakthrough. Life requires you to not only elevate your mindset, but to grow through, fail forward, and take that mighty leap of faith even when the pain is unbearable. Always remember that in life, you will face some experiences that will break and bruise you, but never stop realizing that your blessings are on the other side of the storm!

Co-Authors include: Sang Thi Duong, Jasmine York Ball, Michael Simmons, Briana McKnight, Ontaria Kim Wilson, Dennis LA White, Summer Fitch, Anissa Zabriskie, Kenneth R. Nelson Jr., Roberta A. Albany, Latisha Stephens, Carnell Poteat, and Tyressa Ty

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