The Message 108


About the Book

By Charlotte Crumley Arrington


Greatness isn’t simply a fleeting thought…it has to be manifested. However, manifestation doesn’t take place without ACTION, and action begins with YOU.

The Message 108 – from debut author Charlotte Crumley Arrington, is the explosive playbook for readers who not only want to see the desires of their hearts come true, they refuse to lose! As you flip through the pages of The Message 108 (“108” being a divine number signifying the time is now), let Charlotte serve as your coach, providing you with creative strategies highlighting tangible skills that produce winning results. Everything you’ve been working, praying and training for is set to become your reality – all you need are the right plays to make it happen. Every page, every encouraging word, every strategy outlined in The Message 108 is designed to lead you to the success you are destined for, and to help you win the championship. Expect a miracle, follow your dreams and they will come true! It’s not just time to play…it’s time to WIN.

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