Not Bitter, Better


About the Book

It’s very rare that the vicious cycle of generational curses reaches the point of accountability. Who is responsible for the pain, suffering, and inability of those affected by the cycle to heal? Too often, we find ourselves praying to be set free, while simultaneously using our own guilt to keep our self-inflicted wounds from healing.

In Not Bitter, Better, Dr. Katrina R. Sparks reveals how she overcame the hurt of growing up as a fatherless child, later becoming a single mother, and dealing with low self-esteem in order to shatter the generational curses once plaguing her family with purpose and grace. Using deft, personal insight that ignites every page, not only does Dr. Sparks provide readers with wisdom she attained from her own experiences, she unwraps the practical tools, resources, and guidance necessary to help others navigate through their own obstacles and put their fervent prayers into action.

For every woman who is ready to overcome and work towards their breakthrough, turn the page, and open their heart, join Dr. Sparks on this healing journey, using the bricks and stones that were meant to hurt you, to build the life you desire and deserve!

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