“From the concrete who knew that a flower would grow ”

In life, many of us have had to triumph over various obstacles in order to unlock the next chapter of our journeys. Each obstacle carrying with it valuable life lessons- which ultimately lead us to a path like two roads diverged in the woods. When faced with adversity or opposition, you can bend and break or breakthrough and overcome.

In this book, Andrel discusses how to overcome various obstacles while pushing towards creating a successful life. She opens up about her own challenging experiences including: Her upbringing, losing her first love, experiencing betrayal and hatred, to adjusting to financial hardships, such as job loses, depleted savings, a mountain of debt and more. She includes applicable steps to help you overcome various challenges throughout the chapters. Her personal story is guaranteed to inspire and drive you to reach your full potential. She also dives deep into the issues that plague the black community in which she is passionate about in efforts to educate and shift the culture forward.

In this new read, you’ll be mentally stimulated to think about life on a broader scale, spiritually empowered to pull energy in your toughest moments, and you’ll be equipped to secure your financial future with a financial game plan and wealth creating strategy.

Life will always happen to you and for you, but it’s up to you to continue to overcome each challenge and make the best of your existence.


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