“From the concrete who knew that a flower would grow”

In life, many of us have had to triumph over various obstacles in efforts to unlock the next chapter of our journeys. Each obstacle carried with it valuable life lessons- which ultimately led us to a path like two roads diverged in the woods. When faced with adversity or opposition, you can bend and break or breakthrough and overcome.

In “Overcoming,” author Andrel Harris discusses how to overcome various obstacles while pushing towards creating a successful life. She shares her firsthand experiences surrounding her upbringing, losing her first love, betrayal and hatred, financial hardships, depleting accounts, overcoming debt, and more. Coupling transparency in her own story, she provides practical steps to help readers overcome various challenges. As a financial educator, Andrel also dives deep into the issues that plague the black community in which she is passionate about in efforts to educate and shift the culture forward. As a solution, you’ll be given a financial game plan and a wealth creating strategy.

In this new read, you’ll be mentally stimulated to think about your existence on a deeper level, spiritually empowered to pull energy in your toughest moments, and you’ll be equipped to secure your financial future. Overcoming is the blueprint to your breakthrough.

Life will always happen to you and for you, but it’s up to you to continue to overcome each challenge and make the best of your existence.

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Collect The Cash
Collect The Cash

By Dee Bowden


The sale is not complete until the money is in the bank…but you must collect it first.

Collections are uncomfortable for everyone involved on both ends of the unfinished transaction – the flustered customer dodging the persistent calls of companies with outstanding invoices for goods or services rendered, as well as corporate employees tasked with the job of acquiring the money businesses are owed. In Collect the Cash: The Sale is not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank, financial expert and author Dee Bowden teaches the business of collections doesn’t have to be miserable – but it must be done. In Collect the Cash, Dee shares her personal blueprint that has propelled her into success for over 10 years in the B2B (business to business) collections industry, boasting $13 million dollars (and counting) of outstanding debt recovered for corporations and government agencies.

Combining personal anecdotes with proven methods of tangible solutions, Collect the Cash is a practical guide teaching businesses at every level to collect their money with ease, ensuring that every invoice is paid in full or ensuring that no money is left behind.

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90 Days: Unlocking Your Financial Freedom to Change Your Life Forever
90 Days: Unlocking Your Financial Freedom to Change Your Life Forever

By Nicole Deas


In these uncertain times, securing a financial future is more difficult than ever. Student loans, interest rates, maintaining a favorable credit score, and living from paycheck to paycheck have made financial freedom almost an impossibility. But, what if I could offer you seven tools to help you change your financial status from scarcity to security?

Nicole knows money decisions are never just about money. Having to decide between freedom vs. survival can cause anyone to pile up debt and neglect their credit score. As you read each page, you will learn how to let go of what you thought was working. Nicole’s unparalleled knowledge reveals practical and personal steps to help you enjoy financial freedom within ninety days.

In 90 Days: Unlocking Your Financial Freedom to Change Your Life Forever, wealth strategist and financial coach Nicole Deas uses her personal experience and professional knowledge to offer you a unique change to your mindset and introduce you to a new way of looking at money and how it can work for you. Nicole gives you a no-nonsense approach to finance, case studies, and practical tools you will need to change your financial portfolio. You’ll find new rules for valuing money, debt cancellation, spending wisely, budgeting carefully, and much more.


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Santify Your Money: The 11th Commandment
Santify Your Money: The 11th Commandment

By Toni Moore


The Bible contains roughly 500 scriptures on prayer and faith, but well over 2,000 verses pertain to money. Approximately 40% of Jesus’ parables deal with money. However, churches engrain it in your mind and spirit that, “Money is the root of all evil.”

Broke people will never inherit the wealth of the wicked that is laid up for the righteous. When exposed to harmful teachings in the church about money, prosperity, and abundance, you will remain broke, busted, and disgusted about what God hasn’t done or seemingly won’t do for you, through you, and by you. Saints, it’s time to stop dying as paupers because of the knowledge we lack concerning money.

In Sanctify Your Money, author, speaker, attorney, and money coach Toni Moore will address the root to most of our thinking about money. Sanctify Your Money touches on why Christians need to bless their money. She lays out the money sanctification process that will ensure financial strongholds and the principalities that are keeping you from manifesting, building, and protecting generational wealth. Following the teachings of Toni Moore will allow you to not only prosper, but to live more abundantly.

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