Section 8 to C.E.O


About the Book

By Kinyatta Gray

From Section to C.E.O” is an epic and triumphant tale of courage, grit, and resilience about how a woman managed to navigate her most vulnerable times.

With nothing more but the desire to attain the “American Dream”, this story follows Heaven, an intelligent, driven and determined young woman who is more than capable of achieving everything she wants but is plagued by one fatal flaw; the will to take shortcuts on her road to success.

Heaven’s dream seemed to have found its form when she becomes pregnant and has a child for her white, high school sweetheart (the heir to a multi million-dollar family fortune), and with it came the feeling that her dreams and perfect life would be all but secured.

Unfortunately, her nightmares were just about to begin.

Knowledge of her African-American ethnicity causes Heaven not only to lose her dream life but causes her man’s family to disown him, thereby throwing a wrench in her already scripted, shortcut means to achieve all she ever dreamed about.

Doused in failure, lack, stagnation, and suffering beyond anything she had ever imagined, Heaven finds herself seeking a way out of it all… a way to bring her pain to an end…

Scripted with courage, grace and rare insight, bestselling author “Kinyatta E. Gray” captures the epic panorama of a woman’s worth, with her main intent being the desire to tell the heartbreaking story of a beautiful and resilient mother’s spirit, in relation to women in general all around the world.

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