Bad Bitches and Power Pitches: For Women Entrepreneurs and Speakers Only
Bad Bitches and Power Pitches: For Women Entrepreneurs and Speakers Only

By Precious Williams

Warning! What you’re about to read is a step-by-step guide to winning at the game of life. The stakes are high. So, read this only if you dare. Have you ever wondered what some women entrepreneurs and speakers do to stand out and have prospects, the media, and investors seeking them out? What’s their secret sauce? How did they transcend from being average to becoming extraordinary?

My dear, they are bad bitches with power pitches! A serial entrepreneur, international professional speaker, and 13-time elevator pitch champion, #KillerPitchMaster Precious Williams shows you how–despite growing up in poverty–she took the business, television, and media worlds by storm through the power of being a bad bitch. In her greatness, you will see yourself and learn how to unleash your bad bitch. She also shares the seven types of specific-branding bad bitches. Through Precious’s experiences, she will help you discover–or resurrect–the bad bitch inside of you.

Bad Bitches with Power Pitches provides the tools of success that will have prospects seeking you out, event planners booking you for speaking engagements, and the media clamoring to get the inside scoop on you. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, this no-holds-barred, no-nonsense book will show you how to utilize your bad-bitch mentality to achieve your dreams. Dare greatly!

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Copyright Compliance for Churches
Copyright Compliance for Churches

Are you a church leader making costly copyright mistakes?

With the increasing popularity of virtual worship services, church leaders need to know basic copyright principles to avoid infringing activities that create legal risks.

Written for church leaders, but easy for congregation members to follow.

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From New Release To Bestseller
From New Release To Bestseller

Dedicated to facilitating the growth and evolution of individuals ready to win, Charron Monaye has contributed her pen to the literary industry for over two decades. Her works of creativity include over twenty published books in six different genres, five Amazon best sellers (with six-figure sales and winner of various awards), contributing author for 20+ book publications, celebrity ghostwriter, founder of Pen Legacy Publishing, and an award-winning playwright. Using the expertise gained from her experiences, Charron has bundled her knowledge, lessons, and winning methods on how she has remained relevant and profitable as a writer since 1992.

In her book, From New Release to Bestseller, Charron offers aspiring authors her playbook of author secrets that have made herself and her clients household names. You will learn the basics of publishing, along with building your brand as an author while writing your book. Aspiring writers will benefit from this user-friendly and detailed guide that covers the process from preparing your manuscript to selling the final product. The topics covered include:

  • Author Marketing 101
  • Monetize Your Book into 15 Income Streams
  • Generating Press
  • Adapting a Book into a Script
  • The Steps to Starting a Publishing Company
  • How to Compile & Launch a Book Anthology

Additionally, you will receive Charron Monaye’s “Publishing for Profits” checklist. Broken into three sections––pre-publishing, publishing, and post publishing, this checklist tells you exactly what you need to do to prepare for a profitable release and ensure consistent sales months thereafter.


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Handle with Care: 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition
Handle with Care: 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition

By Pamela Burkett-Jones


Can you hear it?

That’s the triumphant sound of you taking the leap to fire your employer and bet on yourself!  Moving on professionally is never easy – it can be very stressful, overwhelming, and cumbersome.  Just as in a personal move, you have hard decisions to make when deciding what is important and adds significant value to your next chapter.

In Handle with Care: 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition, Pamela Burkett-Jones shares her seven essentials steps of the “Moving Box Methodology, which propelled her from employee to career freedom to embark on a new life of happiness.  Kissing her boss goodbye! Infusing her personal testimonies with the proven strategies that helped her overcome stress, uncertainty, and the ultimate dream killer- fear when packing your “box” to start your new chapter, Pamela provides you her blueprint that is guaranteed to crush doubt and provide you with the tools to bet on YOU!

Are you prepared to position yourself to unleash the greatness within as you transition careers? Are you open to exploring your available possibilities as you prepare to move forward? Are you in search of strategies to keep you from crashing and burning as you transition? Are you ready to move on toward a brighter future? If so, then grab your box and get ready to handle your success with care!

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Just Lead! The Powerful Playbook on How Good Managers Become Great Leaders
Just Lead! The Powerful Playbook on How Good Managers Become Great Leaders

Can we call it as we see it? The vast majority of high-powered executives and those in management positions are so laser focused on using their roles to climb the corporate ladder, they deem leading others as a necessary evil in achieving success instead of embracing it. This can lead to resentment between both parties or worse – irreparable professional relationships that cause everyone involved to lose in some capacity. Management may be the medium in a boss accomplishing their lofty goals; however, the real secret to winning isn’t managing…it’s leading.

In Just Lead! The Powerful Playbook on How Good Managers Become Great Leaders, Safiya details simple, yet profound principles to transform good managers into great leaders who exceed their goals while balancing work with their personal lives. Every nugget will help managers become the effective leaders they desire to be, while creating a legacy and building a team of people who absolutely love to follow them. Do you want to keep managing, or are you prepared to LEAD? Open the book, and get ready to succeed!

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Pitch Queen
Pitch Queen

From the poverty-stricken streets of St. Louis, Missouri, to the global stage of influence, Precious L. Williams’ story of transformation is nothing less than iconic—but it is only half the story. Better known as the #KillerPitchMaster, a dope international professional speaker, three-time #1 bestselling author, and a respected corporate trainer, Precious paves the way for women in business by truly being herself—flaws and all.

Precious, the #KillerPitchMaster, emphasizes being the baddest Queen, period! Yet, behind every success story is a troubled past. The numerous awards, acclaim, and achievements do not take into account the countless struggles that Precious has never told a soul. In The Pitch Queen: A Woman’s Journey From Poverty To Purpose & Profits, Precious offers her readers the whole, unadulterated truth—the truth that she once swore she would take to the grave. She reveals how she once dated a former drug kingpin, battled with her sexuality, lost her mind, got evicted twice, and was kicked out of law school. Precious was going through the most challenging times of her life but refused to give up. She lost and rebuilt her empire with the painful bricks that blocked her path along the way. Nothing and no one could stop her—not even the secret she tried so hard to keep that this book dutifully betrayed within its pages.

Get ready to learn about #KillerPitchMaster’s past and discover the legacy she sets free to taste freedom herself.  It is Precious’ hope that her story frees you too and shows you how to build and rebuild your own successful life, career, and empire!

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Pitching for Profit: The Bad Bitches’ Playbook to Convert Conversations into Currency
Pitching for Profit: The Bad Bitches’ Playbook to Convert Conversations into Currency

By Preciousl L. Williams


Are you ready to slay your pitch?

In Pitching for Profit: The Bad Bitches’ Playbook to Convert Conversations into Currency, 13-time national elevator pitch champion – Precious L. Williams, unveils the “Ultimate Pitch Playbook” of proven strategies to secure the results you desire with precision.

“Pitching for Profit” is the prime blueprint for the entrepreneur who needs:

  • New clients NOW.
  • Media exposure to grow their business and expand their market.
  • Investment dollars to skyrocket their vision and cultivate an unbreakable legacy.
  • Referral partners, affiliates, and a network to increase their net worth by phenomenal margins.

The fearless, fabulous and fierce Ms. Williams has been featured on Shark Tank, CNN, WSJ, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, and the movie LEAP; not only does she have the muscle to back up her pitches, her exclusive techniques convert conversations into CURRENCY- not just coins.

If you’re serious about leveraging your pitch to generate massive currency that will make your business profitable, legendary, and unstoppable, then join my clients Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, and eBay, as well as Fortune 500 executives, speakers, and entrepreneurs to strengthen your pitch and get what you’re worth. My pitches aren’t soft…they WIN.

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Section 8 to C.E.O
Section 8 to C.E.O

By Kinyatta Gray

From Section to C.E.O” is an epic and triumphant tale of courage, grit, and resilience about how a woman managed to navigate her most vulnerable times.

With nothing more but the desire to attain the “American Dream”, this story follows Heaven, an intelligent, driven and determined young woman who is more than capable of achieving everything she wants but is plagued by one fatal flaw; the will to take shortcuts on her road to success.

Heaven’s dream seemed to have found its form when she becomes pregnant and has a child for her white, high school sweetheart (the heir to a multi million-dollar family fortune), and with it came the feeling that her dreams and perfect life would be all but secured.

Unfortunately, her nightmares were just about to begin.

Knowledge of her African-American ethnicity causes Heaven not only to lose her dream life but causes her man’s family to disown him, thereby throwing a wrench in her already scripted, shortcut means to achieve all she ever dreamed about.

Doused in failure, lack, stagnation, and suffering beyond anything she had ever imagined, Heaven finds herself seeking a way out of it all… a way to bring her pain to an end…

Scripted with courage, grace and rare insight, bestselling author “Kinyatta E. Gray” captures the epic panorama of a woman’s worth, with her main intent being the desire to tell the heartbreaking story of a beautiful and resilient mother’s spirit, in relation to women in general all around the world.

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Show Up Positive
Show Up Positive

“Misery loves company until people grow tired of being miserable.”


Remember your excitement when you accepted the job offer or started your business? Do you recall when teamwork and camaraderie made your day more fulfilling? If you are ready to get back to that work-life you loved, Positivity Influencer Rita Ernst advocates you stop waiting and generate it yourself.

Since 2020, Rita Ernst has leveraged her expertise in organizational psychology to craft solutions for business owners and staff members that break through the hostility while restoring pride, teamwork, and profits. Through her ground-breaking training and lessons, she reveals how to intentionally cultivate positive thoughts and behaviors instead of automatically reacting from the trappings of a depleting cycle of frustration and discontent.

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To Pitch Or Not To Pitch
To Pitch Or Not To Pitch

This highly informative guide is designed to help content creators, writers, producers and those in the film and TV industries learn how to pitch, package, and sell their script or project to a TV network, linear channel, studio, production company, agent or web streamer.

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