Rainmaking 101

About the Book

Stress and heartbreak didn’t keep you from making it through law school and passing the state bar. Take a moment, breathe, and celebrate yourself for crossing the finish line and not giving up! You done? Good…because now it’s time to get to work! It’s time to become an attorney that makes it rain!

In Rainmaking 101 From Day 1, author and former attorney, Precious L. Williams, walks you step-by-step through taking your career in law from a dream to reality. But not the reality you think. Showing up early and leaving late just to impress your partners and superiors isn’t the #truetea you want! Worker bees buzz, but not YOU. You’re a Rainmaker, after all – one of the real power players who can learn how to play chess by building the firm’s clientele, pushing the company as a leading problem solver, and onboarding a consistent stream of referrals to bring in more revenue. It’s time to learn the skills that will make it nearly impossible to get rid of you, King or Queen Bee! You’re an asset to the firm…and assets don’t play checkers!

If you’re ready for Precious to drop the invaluable knowledge they didn’t want you to learn in law school. I know you’re tired of keeping your head down to stay off the chopping block in the next round of layoffs. If you want a fail-safe plan to keep them from getting rid of you – become a Rainmaker From Day 1! Learn strategy, relationship-building on steroids, and how to turn your name into money with fire advice on every page! Worker bees are easily exchangeable, but a Rainmaker is NOT!  Be the Rainmaker!  Are you ready? Let’s GO!

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