The Black Girl’s Natural Remedy Book For The Female Reproductive System


About the Book

For many women, the introduction to menstrual cycles as a young teenager was met with pain, embarrassment and self-body shaming. Instead of serving as a rite of passage, many girls struggle physically and emotionally to push past the unavoidable life change, just to function from day to day. But did you know starting your cycle doesn’t mean you automatically have to suffer?

In The Black Girl’s Natural Remedy Book for the Female Reproductive System, author Michele Stepney equips women with expert knowledge regarding the female reproductive system that doesn’t simply teach about monthly periods, it’s liberating. The vast guide includes topics such as understanding the body’s rhythm, recognizing the best time to become pregnant (and when to avoid it), taking dominion over our bodies to overcome discomfort and emotional distress, and so much more!

Dealing with menstrual cycles doesn’t have to be catastrophic, not when a simple turn of the page gives us everything we need to conquer the myths and misfortunes that time of the month ushers in. Dive on in, and receive the help you need to navigate your cycle from your first period, all the way to menopause!

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