The Refined Being


About the Book

Stars shine bursting with heat and light just like before diamonds are formed, they must be refined by fire!

In “The Refined Being,” author Star K. Edwards wears her heart on her pen as she passionately recounts her journey through obstacles and adversity to be refined into the person she is today. Achieving wholeness has not come easy for Star, who suffered through a series of life altering events and unawareness of the healing she needed which led her to fall for toxic situations before embracing the deep wounds which would later become her battle cry.

Momentarily carrying out a posture of triumph and accomplishment as well, Star was forced to battle back through the fire, being refined in her mind, body and spirit. Her resilience recaptured the urgency she once had to overcome even more so, in order to demolish the cycle of unintentionally inflicted causes to defeat and to prevail for her children and for generations to come.

Diamonds don’t shine until they’ve been through the fire. Dive into the pages of “The Refined Being” and be inspired by Star as she walks you through encouraging your own story of refinement while unveiling her incredible story, demonstrating how to emerge from the storm shining like God’s diamond.

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