From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts
From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts

In his first autobiography, writer, dancer, and serial entrepreneur Darnell Richardson reveals the truth about his extraordinary life, from his life as a dreamer in the basement to becoming a highly sought-after entertainer.

Growing up in North Philly, Darnell was privy to what the streets had to offer. Wanting something more, Darnell was determined not to become the statistic that society had already labeled him. Instead of following the easy path to chaos and self-destruction, Darnell found his passion in the arts, a place where he could “speak his truth” and escape, losing himself in the characters that he portrayed. The arts became more than just a passion; it is the air that he breaths and the sun that warms him.

In From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts, Darnell pens an autobiography depicting the struggles and the many doors slammed in his face that he endured in his journey to success. The denials inspired Darnell to create his legacy and his lane to success. Darnell shares his joys, mistakes, and looking forward to what possibilities lie ahead. This story will make you believe in the possibilities that many will say are impossible. Come and join Darnell on his road to success!

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Harlem Son
Harlem Son

The true Harlem. Not the city portrayed in the cinematic universe. Underground. Hardcore. Making and snatching dreams. Some deferred, others manifested. Creating sons and daughters who embrace the good with the bad and make their own universe.

In Harlem’s Son, author and artist Nathaniel Stepney takes readers on his astounding journey while growing up as a young boy in New York City. With the odds stacked against him, Nathaniel overcame the hard reality of his desire to live in an environment intended to break him, to embrace the rich culture’s glorious uniqueness, innovation, and language all its own. Be inspired by photos of Nathaniel’s brilliant paintings, heartfelt poetry and prose which transcend words on a page, they capture the emotions of readers escorting them through the Chronicles of an Artist.

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Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life
Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life

Have you ever done something you regretted? Have you ever felt as if you weren’t enough to the point of making a life-altering decision to change your physical appearance? And if so, were you made whole after? Or did that life-altering decision result in increased debt, depression, and anxiety? Ultimately leaving you in a worse predicament than when you started. The average American has at least one thing (if given the possibility) they would like to change. Is it a crime to want to change something about your physical appearance? You should not have to suffer a lifetime for your decision about wanting to look good.

In their debut book, Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life, Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. take a deep dive into how looking good can be detrimental when you explore options within the black market. For some, plastic surgery is a form of empowerment and privilege. However, if it is not done properly and for the right reasons, there is another side that can end deadly.

Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. will fully expose the ugly side of plastic surgery that social media and society as a whole fail to explore. Furthermore, highlighting the vital importance of research and investigation prior to moving forward with committing to such a life-changing endeavor.

Throughout this book, they will share:

● How to Research the Appropriate Doctor’s

● What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery

● How to Fund Your Surgery With or Without Insurance

● The Process of Preparing and Recovering From Surgery

● Building Your Mindset & Relationships For the Journey

The drive to look good is about far more than vanity. It’s about being psychologically healthy, fulfilled, and confident. Speaking from experience and current recovery trials, Brenda Lee and Jamila B. offer support and education on how to look good (safely) minus the stress.


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Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity Make-Up Artist
Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity Make-Up Artist
By Mayvis Payne
Have you ever wondered what happens backstage at award shows, on the set of television sitcoms, and live screenings?
Do you love hearing stories about some of your favorite celebrities?
Star-studded award shows, television networks, and personal outings with some of the industry’s biggest stars.
Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Or is it?
Mayvis Payne offers a sensational account of what life is like behind the scenes as a celebrity make-up artist to the stars.
Often asked about famous figures, how to break into the business or more importantly how did SHE get in, Mayvis shares her whirlwind account of thriving (and surviving) in the beauty industry.
It’s not all glitz and glamour; the beauty business isn’t always pretty! There are occasional “not-so-pretty” experiences behind the scenes – or shall we say, in the chair.
Mayvis has more than fifteen years of experience working with industry stars, and it all comes together in her novel, Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity Make-Up Artist.
In it, she hopes to inspire others with her exciting memoir of being successful in the business of beauty.
From the country roads of Mississippi to the city lights of New York, this book will take you on a journey.
As a bonus, Mayvis includes artist tips in each chapter to encourage aspiring make-up artists seeking advice.
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Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society
Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society

By Kinyatta Gray


How many times have you felt invisible in a room full of people? How many masks have you worn to hide your true identity? How many heterosexual relationships did you engage in pretending to be in love? What was your biggest fear when finally letting your family and friends know, you are a beautiful feminine lesbian?

Passing As “Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society, compiled by Author Kinyatta Gray, brings to life a book that takes a deep look into the individual, personal and complex stories of lesbians whose true sexuality went undetected to prevent labeling, judgment, or even death. Six courageous women will share real life situations where they had to make the dreadful decision of hiding their sexual identify to find acceptance, respect, and love from those who truly matter.

This book is not meant to define who’s right or wrong, but rather examine this very real issue and the choices that lesbian women must make about love! Our intention is to provide a heartfelt resource for women who wake up daily having to navigate through a society pretending and hiding who they really are. You are not alone! We all have been there! But, as you read through these pages, you will find the comfort and strength to know exactly how to live unapologetically and uniquely who you are.

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Surviving the Badge
Surviving the Badge

By Irene Reyes-Smith


The life of an inner-city police officer is an exhilarating and challenging task. It’s even more daunting when you’re a female and black. Irene Reyes-Smith has one thing on her mind when working the streets: to make it back home to her family.

Unfortunately, Officer Reyes-Smith has been put in the position of fighting the system from both sides. In her novel, Surviving the Badge, she writes about defending her right to serve and protecting her son from a system that is ready and willing to make him a statistic. As you take this walk with the author, you will feel the heartbreak of a mother’s challenge to help the world see her son through her eyes.

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Survivor’s Remorse: The Healing Power of Faith
Survivor’s Remorse: The Healing Power of Faith

Dr. Arthur Vaughn


Survivor’s Remorse: The Healing Power of Faith provides a courageous and inspiring account of the author’s journey through the intersection of faith and mental health after his 2019 heart transplant. It was his faith that helped Dr. Arthur D. Vaughn face the obstacles in his path and his journey through major depressive disorder.  Dr. Vaughn chronicles the complicated heart transplant process while discussing the role his faith played in his recovery. Although, for him, mental illness was more of a formidable opponent than the actual transplant.

Navigating the pitfalls of mental illness was difficult, but through it all, Dr. Vaughn was able to find his purpose in life. During the recovery process, Dr. Vaughn strengthened his relationship with God, found compassion for the people around him, and developed a deeper understanding for who he is as a person.

Dr. Arthur D. Vaughn is a native New Yorker who currently resides in metro-Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a mental health advocate, educator, and a Georgia Transplant Foundation mentor. During his free time, this golf enthusiast enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

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The Refined Being
The Refined Being

Stars shine bursting with heat and light just like before diamonds are formed, they must be refined by fire!

In “The Refined Being,” author Star K. Edwards wears her heart on her pen as she passionately recounts her journey through obstacles and adversity to be refined into the person she is today. Achieving wholeness has not come easy for Star, who suffered through a series of life altering events and unawareness of the healing she needed which led her to fall for toxic situations before embracing the deep wounds which would later become her battle cry.

Momentarily carrying out a posture of triumph and accomplishment as well, Star was forced to battle back through the fire, being refined in her mind, body and spirit. Her resilience recaptured the urgency she once had to overcome even more so, in order to demolish the cycle of unintentionally inflicted causes to defeat and to prevail for her children and for generations to come.

Diamonds don’t shine until they’ve been through the fire. Dive into the pages of “The Refined Being” and be inspired by Star as she walks you through encouraging your own story of refinement while unveiling her incredible story, demonstrating how to emerge from the storm shining like God’s diamond.

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When Silence Is Misunderstood
When Silence Is Misunderstood

Forgiveness is for the one who gives it.

“When Silence is Misunderstood” is the gripping true-life account of Crystal Brooks, daughter of the first black female officer on Capitol Hill…and a grocery store fork lift operator who battled a debilitating drug addiction. Caught between a world of law and lawlessness, instead of reaching out for help, Crystal fell silent – until she had to fight for her life.

Physical, emotional and sexual abuse at an early age threatened to derail Crystal from pursuing her purpose, until she realized she possessed the strength not only to overcome trauma, but to use its aftermath to propel her into her destiny and help others. Through the pain and tough decisions, Crystal has crafted the life of abundance, peace and happiness she’d always longed for. Ultimately choosing herself, Crystal has emerged from the storm as a voice for herself and others, proving abuse doesn’t define us, it empowers us to break the silence.

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