From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts


About the Book

In his first autobiography, writer, dancer, and serial entrepreneur Darnell Richardson reveals the truth about his extraordinary life, from his life as a dreamer in the basement to becoming a highly sought-after entertainer.

Growing up in North Philly, Darnell was privy to what the streets had to offer. Wanting something more, Darnell was determined not to become the statistic that society had already labeled him. Instead of following the easy path to chaos and self-destruction, Darnell found his passion in the arts, a place where he could “speak his truth” and escape, losing himself in the characters that he portrayed. The arts became more than just a passion; it is the air that he breaths and the sun that warms him.

In From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts, Darnell pens an autobiography depicting the struggles and the many doors slammed in his face that he endured in his journey to success. The denials inspired Darnell to create his legacy and his lane to success. Darnell shares his joys, mistakes, and looking forward to what possibilities lie ahead. This story will make you believe in the possibilities that many will say are impossible. Come and join Darnell on his road to success!

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