Women In Blue

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About the Book

Every day, society is bombarded with images of strong men leading the charge of law enforcement in media, education and entertainment, serving as the faces behind the badge. But no matter how often they are overlooked, there are thousands of women who don the blue uniform, too. And their stories aren’t imaginary or fabricated…these women are real.


In Women in Blue, author Irene Reyes-Smith joins a group of female officers from around the nation together, compiling their astounding, breathtaking, and often heartbreaking tales of being a woman behind the badge, and how it affects their lives. They are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, bound to uphold the law as they balance their lives and stressful careers. But what happens when they finally drag through the front doors of their homes after a grueling day on the streets?


…will they even make it home?


Take the harrowing journey with ordinary women as their hearts collide with the passion, pain, challenges, happiness, mountains and valleys while simply trying to survive it all. Will they stop before they’re able to push through all that comes at them, or will the Women in Blue use their faith in God to conquer adversity?

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1 review for Women In Blue

  1. Donnetta Thompson

    My review is a five star off the top. This book is phenomenal . Ms.Irene talks about how she lived her life as a DC police officer, which was not easy for her, but she made it through having a family to raise and grandkids. The book is excellent..

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