Michelle Goes To The Beach


    Enjoy a day at the beach with Michelle! This storybook, featuring vibrant illustrations, takes Michelle on a sunny, beach adventure. Everyone’s favorite honor roll student enjoys the day with her…

    My Side of the Story


    The newest collection of poetry entitled, My Side of The Story, focuses on the thoughts, feelings, emotions, life’s obstacles, racial inequality, and heartbreak, in which women often leave untold. As…

    Love the REAL You


    Are you one of the millions of people who are experiencing more pain than happiness these days? If so, this book is for you. Happiness and Self-Love comes from peace…

    Secure Your Legacy Journal


    This Inspirational & Coaching Journal was created for your breakthrough. With the New Year approaching, my goal is to help everyone achieve their resolutions and goals for the infinite year…

    Fear Is A Crime


    FEAR is a powerful motivator. It either motivates us to shut down and explore the “safe” path or it empowers us to step outside our comfort zone and try something…

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