Uplevel Your Life


    By Toni Moore Esq   There is something deep within the belly of your soul that you're responsible for manifesting on this side of heaven. Whether you call it your brilliance, id, purpose, or gift, you’re responsible for using what you have to manifest pieces of Heaven on earth. Whether…

    Beautifying Sins


    We all have something we have to atone for, ask forgiveness for, and for which we have to accept the consequences. Most important is how we come to terms with our bad decisions and forgive ourselves. In her first novel, Confidence Unlocked, Kiawana Leaf shared how, through turbulent times, she came to…

    Confidence Unlocked


    “Confidence Unlocked” is based on a true story that goes into ones life’s journey to finding and fulfilling purpose. This nonfiction shares her testimonies of surviving a domestic violent relationship, lack of but wanting daddy’s girl relationship, seeking love in the wrong places, attempting to turn to man for self-healing,…

    Stop Being A Doormat & Start Being A Boss


    By Toni Moore   In Stop Being A Doormat & Start Being A Boss, Toni Moore is an aspiring attorney who wants to live, love and be accepted by those she looks up to. After Toni learns that one of … Read More

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