From Carefree to Caregiver!

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By Teraleen Campbell


Many of us were settled into our respective life’s daily routines when the health of a loved one declined. Suddenly the responsibilities being their primary caregiver became a reality.

Being a caregiver is not limited to providing medical care. It also includes working with medical staff to ensure quality care is provided as well as legal and financial considerations. In most cases, training was not provided for the caregiver and they feel unprepared for the level of responsibilities that they must now assume. Additionally, long term caregiving can lead to burn out, especially if the caregiver has not adjusted their life to successfully balance their new role.

The book, which chronicles my journey caring for my mother is designed to be a devotional book for caregivers. Each day’s passage is has been written to encourage and enrich the lives of those who have the life assignment of caring for a loved one. In addition to a daily message, each passage will contain a scripture for meditation and a prayer.

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1 review for From Carefree to Caregiver!

  1. Charles Keys

    Thanks for sharing from your experience Teraleen. This is great! You are helping so many of us.

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