The Kissing Flight Attendant


About the Book

Sometimes a kiss can speak a thousand words, but it can also propel you to your destination!

Welcome aboard Flight 108, where becoming a flight attendant is more than a dream, it’s your destiny. Securing a position in the highly competitive field can be a daunting, exhausting, yet ultimately liberating process. This is why in her dynamic new book, The Kissing Flight Attendant, author Charlotte Crumley Arrington uses her electric personality, quick wit and endearing charm to meticulously help aspiring attendants navigate each rigorous step that will take them from dreaming about being in the skies, to taking flight.

Flight attendants have one of the most sought-after jobs in the world, but on the way to soaring the glamorous skies, you’ve got to conquer one strenuous interview after another before snagging the golden ticket and getting your boarding pass. Finally, a book that not only teaches you all you need to know to secure the job but entertain you along the way! Do you want to become a hero of the skies? Then sit back, buckle up, and let the amazing Kissing Flight Attendant escort you aboard Flight 108, final destination…success!


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