Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life


About the Book

Have you ever done something you regretted? Have you ever felt as if you weren’t enough to the point of making a life-altering decision to change your physical appearance? And if so, were you made whole after? Or did that life-altering decision result in increased debt, depression, and anxiety? Ultimately leaving you in a worse predicament than when you started. The average American has at least one thing (if given the possibility) they would like to change. Is it a crime to want to change something about your physical appearance? You should not have to suffer a lifetime for your decision about wanting to look good.

In their debut book, Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life, Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. take a deep dive into how looking good can be detrimental when you explore options within the black market. For some, plastic surgery is a form of empowerment and privilege. However, if it is not done properly and for the right reasons, there is another side that can end deadly.

Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. will fully expose the ugly side of plastic surgery that social media and society as a whole fail to explore. Furthermore, highlighting the vital importance of research and investigation prior to moving forward with committing to such a life-changing endeavor.

Throughout this book, they will share:

● How to Research the Appropriate Doctor’s

● What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery

● How to Fund Your Surgery With or Without Insurance

● The Process of Preparing and Recovering From Surgery

● Building Your Mindset & Relationships For the Journey

The drive to look good is about far more than vanity. It’s about being psychologically healthy, fulfilled, and confident. Speaking from experience and current recovery trials, Brenda Lee and Jamila B. offer support and education on how to look good (safely) minus the stress.


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