I’m Taking Back My Life


About the Book

Silence, unhealed trauma and unforgiveness. Are there lessons to be learned in neglecting any of these areas? And what should we do if we find ourselves repeating these cycles as we try to figure out what to do next?

In I’m Taking Back My Life: 21 Days to Reclaiming Your Time, Life and Self-Love, best-selling author Crystal Brooks vigilantly pens the story of her trials and tribulations, as she walks in her purpose and the calling on her life to show you how to take charge of your life and stop letting doubt, fear and unworthiness place a stronghold on you. I’m Taking Back My Life teaches you how to affirm what you say, shift your mindset, and find your voice to reclaim complete power over your life!

Crystal is a true example of emerging from life’s storms, proving that your past does not define you, but pushes you into your breakthrough! It’s time to be empowered to reclaim your birthright of abundance and greatness, and Crystal will show you how!

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