High Heels On Gravel


About the Book

Even the strongest women need a village to support them.


As women, not only have we mastered the art of emotionally, physically and spiritually saving everyone except ourselves, unfortunately, we have perfected the art of doing it alone.


In Heels on Gravel, author Tamee Gordon unpacks the often overlooked principles of women understanding who we are beyond the many labels we’ve attained throughout our years (wife, mother, employee, servant), to realize that empty cups others pour out on our behalf do not equate success – our healthy bodies, spirits and minds do! Creatively blending wisdom, charm and wit to introduce biblical context in this practical devotional with a realistic approach, Tamee shares personal anecdotes that will not only make you laugh, they’ll encourage you to maintain your Christian walk, while journaling your thoughts along the way.


No longer must women bear the burden of saving the world alone! We don’t have to do it by ourselves, and we can get the job done with our heels on. If you’re ready to show the gravel who’s boss, grab your heels and let’s start walking!


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