Girl, Be Your Own Best Friend


About the Book

By Elaine Broaster-White


Are you the kind of woman who is always encouraging, uplifting, and building up someone else, but fail to be the same person for yourself? You often suffer in silence because everyone perceives that you have it all together. You have a degree or degrees and either a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, or star employee. However, you don’t take your advice that you so freely give to others.

In her dynamic new devotional, Girl, Be Your Own Best Friend, Elaine Broaster-White provides you with powerful “starting points” for the next 31 days. Each day’s devotion is filled with personal experiences from Elaine to offer you the peace of knowing that you are not alone. She also includes practical advice, along with actionable steps and self-journaling, that will help you apply the discoveries in your life immediately.

It’s time for you to show up like the boss you are, and for the next 31 days, your best friend is here to help.



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