Leave a Trail of Glitter


    Historically for centuries, women and especially enterprising women in business and entrepreneurship have not been seen. Women have been excluded from leadership roles especially in business, commerce and entrepreneurship. Women have had to dull their shine so others would feel good about themselves. Women have been made to feel less…

    The Art of War on Divorce: Real Couples, Real Stories


    Aligning with their chart-topping War on Divorce: Sunday Morning Sex series, stories, and lessons from successful couples, Noble S. Evans & Dr. Kim Carter Evans outline lessons they have learned while going to war for their relationship and marriage. Noble & Kim, along with the contributing authors examine why some…

    Women In Blue


    Every day, society is bombarded with images of strong men leading the charge of law enforcement in media, education and entertainment, serving as the faces behind the badge. But no matter how often they are overlooked, there are thousands of women who don the blue uniform, too. And their stories…

    Bruised, Broken, and Blessed


    Bruised, Broken, and Blessed: Life Changing Stories That Will Ignite Hope, Elevate Personal Growth, and Confirm Your Greatness is a collection of short stories from storytellers, entrepreneurs, and life coaches bonding together to transport individuals from a place of brokenness to blessed. This book contains stories written by a dynamic…

    Slay Your Legacy: 9 Keys To Manifesting The Life You Want


    They say, “A family that prays together, stays together”, but what about a family that writes together, WINS together. In 2015, award-winning author and playwright Charron Monaye accepted the challenge and birthed her greatest legacy, Pen Legacy Publishing. She relied on everything she knew about the literary industry and passed…

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