A Compilation of Thoughts


About the Book

No child ever imagines themselves being put in a grown man’s place with only the grimy walls of a prison cell to love them for the next forty years. But for one young teen, the nightmare of the cell became his bitter reality.

In A Compilation of Thoughts, author Kurtis Graves details his harrowing journey from carefree 16-year-old boy to indefinite imprisonment as a convicted adult. Suddenly abandoned in the unforgiving, unrelenting and unloving confinement of a world he was never intended to be a part of, Kurtis intricately breaks down the simple conversations he had with his conscience to understand and overcome his burdens, while helping others facing bleak circumstances find their way out, too.

A Compilation of Thoughts is a true portrait of faith, encouraging readers that although staying true to ourselves is difficult, it’s not impossible. We don’t have to conform to what pushes us to lose; we must be motivated to win!

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