Opened Door


About the Book

Emotions seal closed doors, but it’s the heart that pries them open. Once we step inside, not only do we find ourselves, we discover our purpose.

In Opened Doors, author Artie Bryant passionately delves into love, pain and the whirlwind of emotions in between through a profound collection of poetry, intricately penned to propel readers into the author’s transparent, visual feast of confessions. As he therapeutically unveils the anxiety hidden beneath the darkness of depression, just when hope seems like a fleeting dream…healing takes place. Not just for readers, but the smooth flow and rhythmic musings deliver the author himself from his painful past.  Not only will readers see themselves in the verses, they’ll be inspired to re-evaluate their worth.

Between the pages of Opened Doors masterfully lies an unfiltered plethora of candid testimonies that move readers from the pained contentment of despair, to the inspiring revelation that they are indeed worthy of happiness that is promised to all of us. A poem is but a few words, but the effect of their power remains for generations. Open the door, and take the first step to creative healing.

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