Unrequited Verses: Honest Deception, Painful Growth


About the Book

What is life without LOVE? And what is LOVE without the trials and triumphs which bring joy and pain?


In Unrequited Verses: Honest Deception, Painful Growth, authors Poet Crucial and Miss Story have penned a passionate collection of poetry, transparently peeling back the multi-faceted layers of the most powerful force in this world – LOVE. From unrequited to romance-realized, self-affirming, hope, heartbreak, the struggles and everything it embodies in between, every life experience points back to love in some way. And between these pages is where that love is emphasized, explored and uplifted.

Unrequited Verses: Honest Deception, Painful Growth’s eloquent prose guides readers through their own love journey, fluidly helping to paint the pictures of how the emotion should look, taste, sound, smell, and feel to them. For anyone who has endured the joys and perils of love, this book is for you. So, prepare to immerse yourself in the passion and the pain, as Poet Crucial and Miss Story unleash their remarkable revelations on what it means to consume, live and survive LOVE.

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