Caring Desires, Scorned Egos


About the Book

By Cruical & Artie


Just as the rays of the sun join together in dance, the heart clings to poetry to survive.

In Caring Desires, Scorned Egos, authors Crucial and Artie usher readers through the veins of an embattled nation wrought with social injustice, brokenness, romantic disenchantment and the everyday adversities we encounter in between. Intriguing prose such as “Juneteenth” deliver the sometimes painful challenges of co-existing, while “My Sun” is a soul-stirring serenade nodding to life’s simple pleasures, leaving readers thirsting for more of the spirit-reviving passages uplifting their souls.

The feast of prose simmering between the pages of Caring Desires, Scorned Egos is a therapeutic synergy of culture, artistry and love. Both Crucial and Artie victoriously waded through the fire, and have surrendered their hearts through their pens to create a striking collection of unforgettable poetry overflowing with hope, healing and restoration.


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