Imperfect Self-Love


About the Book

By Keisha Bloise


Throughout our lives, we face challenges that present us with choices to either battle against change or push us to the next level in our growth. The tests that come with these challenges can be ugly, dark, and heartbreaking. These growing pains make it difficult to recognize the beauty surrounding and hidden within the imperfections. It’s even harder while we’re in the darkness, to have a positive mindset and trust we are being guided towards our light.

According to Keisha Bloise, otherwise known as, The Love Scientist, self-love looks different for each of us. Each one’s journey is personal, imperfectly perfect, and evolves endlessly. Imperfect Self-Love is a collection of poems, quotes, and affirmations to ignite self-love, healing, spirituality, and self-discovery towards overcoming brokenness.

Imperfect Self-Love is based on The Love Scientist’s intimate experiences to empower you to love yourself more freely.

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