After I Do, Before Happily Ever After, & Everything In Between


    Many wonder what REALLY happens after “I do” ...but before “happily ever after...” Well, the simple answer is…A LOT! With divorce rates at an all-time high and in a new generation of marriage, convenience seems to be superseding the covenant of marriage and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the epidemic…

    The Art of War on Divorce: Real Couples, Real Stories


    Aligning with their chart-topping War on Divorce: Sunday Morning Sex series, stories, and lessons from successful couples, Noble S. Evans & Dr. Kim Carter Evans outline lessons they have learned while going to war for their relationship and marriage. Noble & Kim, along with the contributing authors examine why some…

    Do You Know What I’m Thinking??


    Do You Know What I’m Thinking: A Collection of Poems & Short Stories From the Modern Man - is a culmination of poems and short stories written by a different me, at various points and situations throughout my life and conversations with other contemporary peers. I take you on a…

    My Pet Dragonfly


    Enter the mind of a three-year-old boy with a BIG wish to befriend an unlikely bug: the dragonfly. With a lot of compassion, curiosity and imagination, children can learn to love all the outdoor creatures that live around them.

    Rainmaking 101

    Stress and heartbreak didn’t keep you from making it through law school and passing the state bar. Take a moment, breathe, and celebrate yourself for crossing the finish line and not giving up! You done? Good…because now it’s time to get to work! It’s time to become an attorney that…

    Not Bitter, Better


    It’s very rare that the vicious cycle of generational curses reaches the point of accountability. Who is responsible for the pain, suffering, and inability of those affected by the cycle to heal? Too often, we find ourselves praying to be set free, while simultaneously using our own guilt to keep…

    The Refined Being


    Stars shine bursting with heat and light just like before diamonds are formed, they must be refined by fire! In “The Refined Being,” author Star K. Edwards wears her heart on her pen as she passionately recounts her journey through obstacles and adversity to be refined into the person she…

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