Scribbles from The Heart: Letters to Jedaiah and Those to Come

    Life teaches us to choose between becoming better or succumbing to the vicious blows it sometimes doles out. Many of us have already made our choice; for those who have yet to make the decision to rise from the ashes, it’s time to move! In Scribbles from The Heart: Letters…

    Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows


    Obedience to the call of God doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles along the way. In Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows, author Reba Harris chronicles her harrowing journey from childhood trauma to success! In over sixty years, Reba has navigated through poverty, her mother’s heartbreaking betrayal, being…

    The Kissing Flight Attendant


    Sometimes a kiss can speak a thousand words, but it can also propel you to your destination! Welcome aboard Flight 108, where becoming a flight attendant is more than a dream, it’s your destiny. Securing a position in the highly competitive field can be a daunting, exhausting, yet ultimately liberating…

    The Message 108


    By Charlotte Crumley Arrington   Greatness isn’t simply a fleeting thought…it has to be manifested. However, manifestation doesn’t take place without ACTION, and action begins with YOU. The Message 108 – from debut author Charlotte Crumley Arrington, is the explosive playbook for readers who not only want to see the…

    Please!! Don’t Say You Love Me


    By Seant'a Conyers   Love. A four-letter word, with Goliath sized power. Love can ignite fires, strike pain or even launch wars. Loving someone right or loving them wrong can mend broken hearts, and even leave scars. In Please! Don’t Say You Love Me, breakout author Seant’a Conyers explores the…

    Conquering Co-Parenting: Overcoming Chaos and Stress While Sharing Custody


    By Aleka Melson   Some parents find themselves in situations that they more than likely never envisioned for their lives. Children find themselves feeling as though they have to choose between their parents. Co-parenting can be difficult and chaotic for everyone involved, but author Aleka Melson offers solutions for parents…

    Pick Up Your Crown


    By Jessica Simington   Imagine being at war with yourself over what should come so easily to a person––love, trust, and understanding. Jessica Simington’s novel, Pick Up Your Crown, allows Jessica to tell her story about ten years of chaotic relationships, searching for love in all the wrong faces. Jessica…

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