Tout Compredre C’est Tout Pardonner


    Are you tired of feeling like you're the only one going through difficult times? Do you struggle with abuse, self-inflicting behaviors, trauma, drug addiction, health issues, or feeling like the black sheep of your family? If so, then this book is for you. Tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner: To understand…

    The Refined Being


    Stars shine bursting with heat and light just like before diamonds are formed, they must be refined by fire! In “The Refined Being,” author Star K. Edwards wears her heart on her pen as she passionately recounts her journey through obstacles and adversity to be refined into the person she…

    Harlem Son


    The true Harlem. Not the city portrayed in the cinematic universe. Underground. Hardcore. Making and snatching dreams. Some deferred, others manifested. Creating sons and daughters who embrace the good with the bad and make their own universe. In Harlem’s Son, author and artist Nathaniel Stepney takes readers on his astounding…

    Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life


    Have you ever done something you regretted? Have you ever felt as if you weren’t enough to the point of making a life-altering decision to change your physical appearance? And if so, were you made whole after? Or did that life-altering decision result in increased debt, depression, and anxiety? Ultimately…

    When Silence Is Misunderstood


    Forgiveness is for the one who gives it. “When Silence is Misunderstood” is the gripping true-life account of Crystal Brooks, daughter of the first black female officer on Capitol Hill…and a grocery store fork lift operator who battled a debilitating drug addiction. Caught between a world of law and lawlessness,…

    Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity Make-Up Artist


    By Mayvis Payne Have you ever wondered what happens backstage at award shows, on the set of television sitcoms, and live screenings? Do you love hearing stories about some of your favorite celebrities? Star-studded award shows, television networks, and personal outings with some of the industry’s biggest stars. Sounds fabulous,…

    Surviving the Badge


    By Irene Reyes-Smith   The life of an inner-city police officer is an exhilarating and challenging task. It’s even more daunting when you’re a female and black. Irene Reyes-Smith has one thing on her mind when working the streets: to make it back home to her family. Unfortunately, Officer Reyes-Smith…

    Survivor’s Remorse: The Healing Power of Faith


    Dr. Arthur Vaughn   Survivor's Remorse: The Healing Power of Faith provides a courageous and inspiring account of the author’s journey through the intersection of faith and mental health after his 2019 heart transplant. It was his faith that helped Dr. Arthur D. Vaughn face the obstacles in his path…

    From the Basement to the Stage: I Am the Arts


    In his first autobiography, writer, dancer, and serial entrepreneur Darnell Richardson reveals the truth about his extraordinary life, from his life as a dreamer in the basement to becoming a highly sought-after entertainer. Growing up in North Philly, Darnell was privy to what the streets had to offer. Wanting something…

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