Poetry For The Soul


    Dive into the soul-stirring world of 'Poetry for the Soul,' an enchanting anthology that transcends the ordinary and captures the very essence of our shared human experience. This mesmerizing collection unveils the raw and unfiltered tapestry of emotions woven into the fabric of everyday life, inviting readers to traverse the…

    Do You Know What I’m Thinking??


    Do You Know What I’m Thinking: A Collection of Poems & Short Stories From the Modern Man - is a culmination of poems and short stories written by a different me, at various points and situations throughout my life and conversations with other contemporary peers. I take you on a…

    Unrequited Verses: Honest Deception, Painful Growth


    What is life without LOVE? And what is LOVE without the trials and triumphs which bring joy and pain?   In Unrequited Verses: Honest Deception, Painful Growth, authors Poet Crucial and Miss Story have penned a passionate collection of poetry, transparently peeling back the multi-faceted layers of the most powerful…

    A Compilation of Thoughts


    No child ever imagines themselves being put in a grown man’s place with only the grimy walls of a prison cell to love them for the next forty years. But for one young teen, the nightmare of the cell became his bitter reality. In A Compilation of Thoughts, author Kurtis…

    Opened Door


    Emotions seal closed doors, but it’s the heart that pries them open. Once we step inside, not only do we find ourselves, we discover our purpose. In Opened Doors, author Artie Bryant passionately delves into love, pain and the whirlwind of emotions in between through a profound collection of poetry,…

    Imperfect Self-Love


    By Keisha Bloise   Throughout our lives, we face challenges that present us with choices to either battle against change or push us to the next level in our growth. The tests that come with these challenges can be ugly, dark, and heartbreaking. These growing pains make it difficult to…

    Fresh Courage to Believe


    By Lenore C Uddyback-Fortson   Fresh courage to believe is a note of encouragement...to those short on hope, struggling to see beyond a painful past or difficult circumstance, or in need of a renewed vision for their lives...those who have fearlessly summoned the courage and strength to take bold steps in…

    A Thought For The Week


    By Tonia Williams   Life was already hectic for some of us. The emotional toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned so many of our lives upside down.  With all that is going on in the world we need some positive thoughts to get us sometimes, through our day.  This…

    Heart Works: Mindful Things from the Heart


    By Tonia Slaton   From Tonia Slaton, comes this debut collection of poetry that explores the movement from broken heart to healing, love, and moving on. In Heart Works: Mindful Things from the Heart, Mrs. Slaton examines just how gentle, yet fragile our heart muscle is. Through beautifully crafted stanzas,…

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