Michelle Goes To Philadelphia


    Join Michelle on her exciting adventure to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection!!!! From the moment she arrives in Philadelphia, the city becomes her playground, filled with fun and surprises. With colorful illustrations and simple storytelling, young readers will delight in exploring iconic landmarks like the Rocky steps…

    Summer’s Secret Keeper


    Summer's Secret Keeper spins a tale of intrigue and bravery fit for the young and curious. Meet Summer, a bubbly seven-year-old whose days are filled with giggles and games like Roblox, TikTok and Barbies, until her world tilts on its axis with her mother's demanding job as a doctor. Everything seems…

    Steven Goes To The White House


    Steven Goes To The White House chronicles the journey of Steven and his victorious basketball team as they celebrate their school championship win with a trip to the White House. Bursting with excitement and sporting their team jerseys, Steven and his teammates embark on the unforgettable adventure to the nation's…

    Take Courage With You


    Even when it’s hard, it takes courage to be brave!   In the delightful children’s book - Take Courage with You, The Lion (who represents the courage within all of us), travels with its young companion throughout the pages, teaching young readers that courage isn’t a concept, it’s an action!…

    Michelle Goes to An HBCU


    Michelle Goes To An HBCU is a captivating children's book that invites young readers on an exciting journey to explore the vibrant world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Follow Michelle as she embarks on her first visit to an HBCU campus, filled with curiosity and excitement. Throughout the…

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