I’m Taking Back My Life


    Silence, unhealed trauma and unforgiveness. Are there lessons to be learned in neglecting any of these areas? And what should we do if we find ourselves repeating these cycles as we try to figure out what to do next? In I’m Taking Back My Life: 21 Days to Reclaiming Your…

    High Heels On Gravel


    Even the strongest women need a village to support them.   As women, not only have we mastered the art of emotionally, physically and spiritually saving everyone except ourselves, unfortunately, we have perfected the art of doing it alone.   In Heels on Gravel, author Tamee Gordon unpacks the often…

    When Shift Happens: 21 Days of Celebrating the Lessons of Life & Detours


    Failure, brokenness, sacrifice, and rejection. What is the lesson in experiencing any of these things? What is the lesson when you lose yourself while trying to chase a different outcome? Just what are the lessons of life’s unpredictable shifts? Best-selling author Charron Monaye has had an amazing yet challenging life––one…

    The A-V Journal: 22 Thoughts To Enhance Your Life


    Based on The V List Podcast hosted by Victoria Njideka, “The A-V Journal: 22 Thoughts To Enhance Your Life” is a motivational journal, packed with inspiration, writing prompts, spiritual enlightenment and more. Save your emotions for the page, as Victoria Njideka incorporates scripture to uplift and provoke readers to heal.…

    Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Badass


    By Kelly Charles-Collins   Present the problem or question your book addresses, making it an essential read for those who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the subject; Outline specifically your target audience, ones who are interested in this problem or question, to demonstrate existing curiosity about your book; Demonstrate…

    Girl, Be Your Own Best Friend


    By Elaine Broaster-White   Are you the kind of woman who is always encouraging, uplifting, and building up someone else, but fail to be the same person for yourself? You often suffer in silence because everyone perceives that you have it all together. You have a degree or degrees and…

    From Carefree to Caregiver!


    By Teraleen Campbell   Many of us were settled into our respective life’s daily routines when the health of a loved one declined. Suddenly the responsibilities being their primary caregiver became a reality. Being a caregiver is not limited to … Read More

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